Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a857_c: Effect of retirement: What people around you think of you

PreQuestion Text

Now, suppose that during the next 3 years you were to retire. I would like you to tell me what effect you think this would have on various aspects of your life. Please choose your answers from the card. Card 320: Better or Worse

Literal Question

What people around you think of you

Descriptive Text

Q 857.c core questionnaire

NOR: only country specific values, scale from 2000 (much worse) to 2010 (much better)

Values Categories N
1 much better 23
2 better 112
3 neither better nor worse 1164
4 worse 111
5 much worse 23
2000 much worse 0
2010 much better 0
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 0
9 no response/not applicable 57
Sysmiss 5673

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1433
Missing cases 5730
This variable is numeric


If R is older than 45 and working


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