Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a401a_b: Who does hh tasks: Doing the dishes

PreQuestion Text

Now I would like to ask you some questions about who does what in your household. Please tell me who does the following tasks in your household, choosing your answers from the card: card 401-1 if R lives alone; card 401-2 if there is a partner in the household; card 401-3 if there is no partner in the household.

Literal Question

Doing the dishes

Descriptive Text

Q 401.a.b core questionnaire

Country specific additional values:
- AUS: "2401-shared equally between all household members".
- NOR:  "2001-other person from the list of providers and receivers".

Values Categories N
1 always R 2201
2 usually R 937
3 R and partner equally 1966
4 usually partner 746
5 always partner 524
6 always or usually other persons in the household 695
7 always or usually someone not living in the household 81
2001 other person from the list of providers and receivers 0
2401 shared equally between all household members 0
97 does not know 0
98 refusal 0
99 no response/not applicable 13

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 7150
Missing cases 13
This variable is numeric


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