Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a406: How hh income is organized

PreQuestion Text

Card 406: Organising income

Literal Question

How do you and your partner/spouse organise your household income? Which of the items on this card fits best?

Descriptive Text

Q 406 core questionnaire

Values Categories N
1 I manage all the money and give my partner/spouse his/her share 333
2 my partner/spouse manages all the money and gives me my share 243
3 we pool all the money and each takes out what we need 3118
4 we pool some of the money and keep the rest separate 705
5 we each keep our own money separate 323
6 other 133
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 0
9 no response/not applicable 27
Sysmiss 2281

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 4855
Missing cases 2308
This variable is numeric


If R lives together with a partner


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