Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 2 - Consolidated

Variable b720_a: Statements life experience: Plenty of people I can lean on in case of trouble (W2)

PreQuestion Text

I am going to read out six statements about your current experiences. Please indicate for each of them to what extent they have applied to you recently. Card 719

Literal Question

There are plenty of people that I can lean on in case of trouble

Descriptive Text

Q 719.a

Values Categories N
1 yes 38453
2 more or less 19830
3 no 7001
4 not at all true 0
7 does not know 15
8 refusal 34
9 no response/not applicable 440
Sysmiss 20402

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 65284
Missing cases 20891
This variable is numeric


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