Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 1 - Consolidated

Variable a852_2400: Expecting growth of business within next three years?

Literal Question

What are your expectations about the development of your business within the next three years?

Descriptive Text

Country specific variable (adapted from Q 852 core questionnaire).  

AUS: It differs from Q 852 core questionnaire, because it asks about growth of business only, and it measures expectations with different items.

Values Categories N
1 expecting growth and expansion 408
2 not expecting growth and expansion 275
3 maybe expecting growth and expansion 85
7 does not know 7
8 refusal 5
9 no response/not applicable 0
Sysmiss 188432

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 768
Missing cases 188444
This variable is numeric


If code 2 on Q 838


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