Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable ayear: Yr of interview

PreQuestion Text

Interviewer Instruction: Write in the time and date when the interview starts.

Literal Question

Interview started at...on...

Descriptive Text

Q 001

Values Categories N
2008 3330
2009 1046
2010 2787
9997 does not know 0
9998 refusal 0
9999 not applicable/no response 0

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 7163
Missing cases 0
This variable is numeric

Interviewer Instructions

Interviewer Instruction: Read the following text.
This survey is called the Generations and Gender Survey. It is about topics related to children, partners, parents, work and everyday life. The aim is to study what factors influence family formation, having children, and relations between younger and older generations. The study is part of an international programme co-ordinated by the UN Economic Commission for Europe. Your participation is voluntary, but it is very important because you represent many other people. We will hold the information you give us in the strictest confidence and use it only for statistical processing. It would also be better if we could have this interview without others being present, if possible. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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