Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey 2020 Kazakhstan Wave 1

Variable a281a: Cohabiting Planning: financial

PreQuestion Text

I will read out some statements about the conditions you may need to fulfill in order to start living with your partner. Please tell me how much you agree or disagree with these statements by choosing one of the answers on card 2.81: Agreement scale.

Literal Question

I will be able to financially afford to start living with a/my partner during the next three years.

Values Categories N
1 Strongly Agree 107
2 Agree 69
3 Neither Agree nor Disagree 29
4 Disagree 15
5 Strongly Disagree 15
7 Does not know 0
8 Refusal 3
9 Not applicable/no response/reporting error 27
Sysmiss 14592

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 235
Missing cases 14622
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 5.0
This variable is numeric


IF a201 = yes AND a210a = no


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