Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable femeduc: If partnered: level of education of female

Descriptive Text

Derived variable

Values Categories N
0 isced 0 - pre-primary education 54
1 isced 1 - primary level 613
2 isced 2 - lower secondary level 443
3 isced 3 - upper secondary level 722
4 isced 4 - post secondary non-tertiary 29
5 isced 5 - first stage of tertiary 960
6 isced 6 - second stage of tertiary 16
97 does not know 0
98 refusal 0
99 no response/not applicable 5
Sysmiss 4321

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2837
Missing cases 4326
This variable is numeric


If R has a partner


This variable indicates the education level of the female in the relationship if the respondent says that they are currently in a relationship. If the respondent is female then the respondents education level is used (aeduc.)

If the respondent is male and in a relationship with a female then their partners education level is derived depending on the nature of the relationship. For a resident partner the education level was copied from question 120 (variable a148) or question 304 (variable a308); for a non resident partner the education was copied from question 120 (variable a148) or question 313 (variable a321).
Rs with non-resident partners are coded with "99 - not applicable/no response", when variable a321 is not available in the dataset.
Note that this variable does not have a value for same-sex partnerships.


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