Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable ahg7y_8: Yr hh member (non-bio. child) first came to live with R: 8

Literal Question

In what month and year did you and [name] first start living in the same household?

Descriptive Text

Q 112 Core Questionnaire

Values Categories N
2004 1
2006 1
2009 1
9997 does not know 0
9998 refusal 0
9999 no response/not applicable 0
Sysmiss 7160

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3
Missing cases 7160
This variable is numeric

Interviewer Instructions

Interviewer Instruction: Ask 112 about each non-biological child in the household (codes 4-6 in relationship with R).
Write in Household Grid.


if household member 8 is a non-biological child of the respondent


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