Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a415_b: Others' opinion: Parents think R should break up

PreQuestion Text

Although you may feel that the decision to break up with your partner/spouse is yours and your partner's/spouse's, it is likely that others have opinions about what you should do. I'm going to read out some statements about what other people might think about you breaking up with your partner/spouse during the next three years. Please tell me to what extent you agree or disagree with these statements, choosing your answer from this card. Card 323: Agreement Scale.

Literal Question

Parents think R should break up

Descriptive Text

Q C05.b optional sub-modules

Values Categories N
1 strongly agree 48
2 agree 55
3 neither agree nor disagree 133
4 disagree 88
5 strongly disagree 3665
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 0
9 no response/not applicable 1579
Sysmiss 1595

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3989
Missing cases 3174
This variable is numeric


If R has a co-resident OR non-resident partner


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