Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 1 - Consolidated

Variable a203b_3: Mention alternatives in childcare #3

PreQuestion Text

Card 203: Professional childcare providers

Literal Question

Please name all the alternatives from the card that are regularly used.

PostQuestion Text

Ask 203c for each care mode mentioned in 203b.

Descriptive Text

Q 203.b core questionnaire

- ITA: country specific additional value "1701-self organized group or day care centre or after school care centre or other".

- NLD: only country specific values "1801-child care by institution like day care center", "1803-child care through guest-parent consultation organization".

- SWE: the coding refers specifically to the terms below which are very close but identical to the terms in the GGS:
1 - Barnflicka
2 - Förskola/dagis
4 - Fritids
5 - Dagbarnvårdare/ familjedaghem

Values Categories N
1 babysitter (nanny) 0
2 day care centre 32
3 nursery or pre-school 7
4 after-school care-centre 125
5 self-organized childcare group 98
6 other institutional arrangement 41
1701 self organized childcare group OR day care centre 0
1801 child care by institution like day care center 0
1802 child care through guest-parent consultation organization 0
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 0
9 no response/not applicable 34187
Sysmiss 154722

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 303
Missing cases 188909
This variable is numeric

Interviewer Instructions

Show Card 203: Professional childcare providers [Comment: A country-specific list that covers all
institutional arrangements. All the arrangements on the card should also be mentioned in the question text.],
and tick mark mentioned arrangements in the table below.


If code 1 on Q 203.a


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