Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a5122_a: Other's opinion: Most friends think R should live separately from parents

PreQuestion Text

Although you may feel that the decision to start living separately from parents is yours, it is likely that others have opinions about what you should do. I'm going to read out some statements about what other people might think about you leaving the parental home during the next three years. Please tell me to what extent you agree or disagree with these statements, choosing your answer from the card. Card 323: Agreement Scale

Literal Question

Most of your friends think it is about time for you to live separately from parents

Descriptive Text

Q 582.a core questionnaire

NOR: only country specific values, scale from "2000 -strongly disagree" to "2010-strongly agree".

Values Categories N
1 strongly agree 53
2 agree 75
3 neither agree nor disagree 196
4 disagree 70
5 strongly disagree 360
2000 strongly disagree 0
2010 strongly agree 0
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 0
9 no response/not applicable 90
Sysmiss 6319

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 754
Missing cases 6409
This variable is numeric


R currently lives with parents/a parent


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