Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 2 - Consolidated

Variable b820_1601: Are you planning to take a job in the future? (W2)

Descriptive Text

Country-specific variable.
In the Hungarian questionnaire, this question refers to the future in general, rather than to a three-year period since the time of the interview as in the international questionnaire.
Futhermore, the answer categories are different. In the international questionnaire they are "definitively not", "probably not","probably yes", "definitively yes".

Values Categories N
1601 not planning to take a job in the future 794
1602 yes, but only in the distant future 56
1603 yes, looking for and would start next week 70
1604 yes, has already found a job and is about to start soon 10
7 does not know 6
8 refusal 0
9 not applicable/no response 3
Sysmiss 85236

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 930
Missing cases 85245
This variable is numeric


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