Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Belgium Wave 1

Variable a405a_e: Who makes decisions about hh: Way of child raising

PreQuestion Text

We have already talked about the various tasks that have to be done in a household. Now I would like to ask you some questions about decisions. Who makes decisions about the following issues in your household? Card 401-2

Literal Question

The way children are raised

Descriptive Text

Q 405.a.e core questionnaire

- AUS: country specific additional value "2401-shared equally between all household members".
- ITA: only country specific values "1701-more R", "1702-more P", "1703-R and P about equally".

Values Categories N
1 always R 146
2 usually R 238
3 R and partner equally 2447
4 usually partner 207
5 always partner 63
6 always or usually other persons in the household 2
7 always or usually someone not living in the household 1
9 not applicable/no response 0
1701 more R 0
1702 more P 0
1703 R and P about equally 0
2401 shared equally between all household members 0
97 does not know 0
98 refusal 0
99 no response/not applicable 1778
Sysmiss 2281

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3104
Missing cases 4059
This variable is numeric


If R lives together with a partner


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