Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 2 - Consolidated

Variable b805a: Any paid work in the last 7 days ending last Sunday (W2)

Literal Question

Did you do any paid work in the 7 days ending last Sunday, either as an employee or self-employed?

Descriptive Text

Q 904.a

Values Categories N
1 yes 75
2 no 764
7 does not know 0
8 refusal 1
9 no response/not applicable 12290
Sysmiss 73045

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 839
Missing cases 85336
This variable is numeric


If code 9 or 10 on Q 901


Q 904.a and b are meant to be used interchangeably. Version a is to be used in countries where there are no legal provisions for a part-time leave. Version b is to be used in countries where such provisions exist.


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