Dataset: Generations and Gender Survey Wave 1 - Consolidated

Variable a201a_f: HH tasks with children: Transport

PreQuestion Text

I'm going to read out various tasks that have to be done when one lives together with children.
Please tell me, who in your household does these tasks? Choose your answer from the card: Card 201-1 if no partner is present in the household; Card 201-2 if a partner is present.

Literal Question

Taking the children to/from school, day care centre, babysitter or leisure activities

Descriptive Text

Q 201.a.f core questionnaire

- EST: country specific additional values "2201-usually R", "2202-R and P about equally", "2203-usually P".

- ITA, only country specific values: "usually R", "R and P about equally", "usually P", "always or usually other persons in the household", "always or usually other persons outside the household", "children do it themselves".

Values Categories N
1 always R 5037
2 usually R 5253
3 R and Partner about equally 9371
4 usually partner 3861
5 always partner 1602
6 always or usually other persons in the household 545
7 always or usually someone not living in the household 454
8 children do it themselves 6727
1701 usually R 723
1702 R and P about equally 218
1703 usually P 638
1704 always or usually other persons in the hh 29
1705 always or usually so. not living in hh 465
1706 children do it themselves 199
2201 usually R 596
2202 R and P about equally 635
2203 usually P 231
9999 7522
97 does not know 0
98 refusal 7
99 no response/not applicable 1525
Sysmiss 143574

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 44106
Missing cases 145106
This variable is numeric

Interviewer Instructions

Start asking item by item from the table below.
If the answer is 6 "Always or usually other persons in R's household", ask question 201b
before proceeding to the next item.


If children younger than 14 are present in the household


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